Subliminal to Liminal

by WilyEPeyote



I hadn't planned to do another solo album, really. However I was supposed to play a gig in May 2017 as a spin-off from the 'Close to the Noise Floor' compilation. This 'Vintage All-Dayer' was cancelled with a week or two to go. Pro that I am, I'd already been thinking about what I might play and making sketchy recordings of ideas.

This compilation represents the embryonic gig material, which would have had some lovely Synthi playing from Basil Brooks of Zorch too. Many of the tracks were recorded on 'relaxed' Friday afternoons - hence the name on the release is my Youtube persona 'WilyEPeyote'. (If you've read any of my novels you'll know why it's important to invent lots of sub-personalities. You might even recognise some of the track titles.)

Anyway, this is as far as my preparations got. My usual plan for a gig is to have material in an 'almost ready' state with the live experience and raw adrenaline adding the final glue to make it all hang together. Or not. As none of these tracks were multitracked or anything, the sound was pretty ropey so thanks to my old pal Mick at Spacelounge for working his magic.

If you really want to you can get the paperback (or Kindle) inspiration for this from Amazon, title Bogus Realities. There are many reasons why you should, most of them related to my ego.

P.S. I was going to add this to the WilyEPeyote bandcamp page then realised it would probably be the only album I ever put there, plus people do occasionally take the discount offer and buy my whole catalogue (a sure-fire recipe for insanity if you ask me) - so this may as well be included. Caring, that's me. Disorganised too. You may spot I've used at least a couple of these titles before, or at least another version of me did. :)


released July 4, 2017

Mick at the Space Lounge made it sound less shit.



all rights reserved


Paul Nagle Lancashire, UK

Paul has been writing and performing electronic music since around 1977-78, influenced mainly by German musicians such as Roedelius and Schnitzler and bands such as Tangerine Dream, Cluster and Future Sound Of London.

He writes reviews for Sound on Sound magazine and juggles this with creating music for TV, film and games and writing rather wacky novels.
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