into the light

by Paul Nagle

capella 09:22
gianfa 08:46
deneb 09:57
arcturus 10:22
enif 08:20
enif9 07:09
betelgeuse 06:45
fomalhaut 05:09


Music from the Light Studio

In these times where every note can be infinitely sculpted to perfection, every rough edge made smooth, every blemish transformed by painstaking studio magic into a marvel, may I present something different...

I've taken to standing up. The reasons being that I'm getting older and more sedentary in my retirement and was entering something resembling a decline. At night my feet twitched and I wasn't sleeping well, that sort of thing.

I decided I wasn't quite ready to become compost just yet so I put together a smaller studio with fewer items in it, no computer either. My tiny setup is based around an Elektron Octatrack which serves as the sequencer for an Analog Four and Digitone. For something to play, I bought Korg's Minilogue xd and loaded the MI Plaits oscillators into it.
What fun! Suddenly I was turning out a track each day again - like the old days, like the 1980s! These are a small selection of the results.

The source is an Octatrack project I called 'Stars'. So bank A would be in the key of A and named something beginning with A (Arcturus), B Betelgeuse, C Capella and so on. It's the only way I can easily get around the Octatrack's lack of pattern and bank names. All were recorded straight to a Zoom hard disk recorder in one pass, using 8 of its 24 tracks. No overdubs, no external effects but some (imprecise) live mixing to give me something to listen to. A bit like demos or sketches that I used to rather like doing and often preferred to a 'final' version, whatever that means.
I then put them all on a memory stick and let them play for a few weeks to see which, if any, I like. Having made a selection and picked a running order, I gave each a very small mastering boost and hey presto, here we are.

The live nature of these sketches gives them a certain clean and wholesome character, I think. Only the bonus track is stitched together from two takes - mostly because each one went on too long. I found myself quite liking it even though it's rough and doesn't necessarily fit in with the rest. It's a faster, reworked version of the track 'Betelgeuse'.

Since these are a kind of therapy, I'm not usually comfortable charging money for them. However, a number of listeners have told me it seems wrong not to put a minimum price on this one, something to do with perceived value and it being quite good. So here we go.


released May 24, 2019

I must thank Duncan Goddard for his excellent mellotron samples, which live in my Waldorf Blofeld and are used in some tracks.


all rights reserved



Paul Nagle Lancashire, UK

Paul has been writing and performing electronic music since the late 1970s influenced mainly by German musicians such as Roedelius and Schnitzler and bands such as Tangerine Dream and Cluster. However, all musical niches are considered fair game and failure is deemed more noble than non-participation. ... more

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